GTronics - G-Tronics Audio/Video: Shoddy, Negligent and Dishonest.

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I took my computer in last week for keyboard replacement. I knew it would be several days for the part to come in, which was fine. The repair guy told me to come back Wednesday (6 days later).

When I got there another man and a woman were in the shop; he told me the repair guy had gone on vacation and wouldn't be back until Monday. He also said the part hadn't come in. Wouldn't a message on my phone about these two setbacks have been nice?

I took my laptop back (in pieces, not cleaned), but the carrycase was not with it. I asked him to please look for my case; he glanced around at a few others in the room, then informed me that if it was not among them then I had not brought it in the first place - pretty much implying that I was lying. I saw many areas of the room that he did not check. He argued more with me until I finally told him to call the repair guy about the case, who it turns out had no clue.

Same day I found a place across town that ordered the part, cleaned the laptop at a better price, and offered to loan me a external keyboard in case I needed to do some work that evening.

I have mentioned G-Tronics to several people since my experience, and so far three of these individuals have received or heard of the same lousy service there.

If you live in the Hendersonville, NC area and need computer repair, skip over the G-Tronics listing. It is the last hole-in-the-wall place on a fairly decent list of business which (God only hopes)want to earn your business.

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I have had nothing but great, experienced service from all the folks @ G-Tronics. I recommend them to anyone having issues with electronic items.


i happen to know for a fact they are great at what they you had a bad experience ..

suck it up huni. life ain't perfect. and to assume straight off the bat that someone "hates the world" is very childish and a farfetched idea. so maybe he had a bad day.

i mean really, who hasn't had a bad day at one point in time. lay off man. they are great at what they do. and i happen to know one of the guys quite personally by relation and would appreciate the slander to end.

i pray that someone writes a horrible review of a service you provide, whatever it may be.

whether you stand in a drive thru all day in a lovely polyester uniform shirt and matching hat or sit on your *** acting like you are superior above everyone else.have a lovely day.


no doubt . i went in there and it did not take me long to realize that guy hates the world .

to x Hendersonville, North Carolina, United States #644508

So if you had bad service why do you not face the "guy that hates the world" and tell him what your problem was? And the person with the keyboard issue from 2010 that was a joke to write that comment. That person had an issue with life in it self - hope you both have a great future!

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